010516 – Thursday – Day 90


It’s our 3rd day back, and it’s been a great week so far.   Today we will continue working on our Frayer Models, just to make sure we are all able to complete them correctly (about 10 minutes…remember, they are due on Wednesday).  We will then move into our new unit which will require us to complete the next section of ERWC (Expository Reading and Writing Course).

First, we will

  1. Move to our new seats
  2. Complete our daily starters (or read in 1st period)
  3. Review our Weekly vocabulary using Frayer Models, then we will get to our
  4. ERWC – (Celebrities) using Google Classroom
    1. Quick-write on Google Classroom
    2. Celebrities Vocabulary (Google Classroom)
    3. Survey
    4. Discussion about results (Using Google Classroom)
    5. Read the text” The Impact Celebrities Have on Our Lives” (using Google Classroom).

For those who are interested, I will be hosting a Dr. Who Geek out tomorrow.  You will need a permission slip.  They are in the back by the computer.  You may bring food, and I can hold it for you in my class, but I don’t have a refrigerator.  I can only have 20 students, so I will accept them on a first come/first serve basis.