010616 – Friday – Day 91

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Friday feels pretty good.  After school I’m going to be chillin’ with some cool geeks watching Dr. Who.  It’s gonna be a great day.

Yesterday we reviewed our Frayer Models.  We now know how to complete them correctly.  We also know how to save them so that we can work on them later.  Today we will continue with our ERWC  (Expository Reading and Writing Course) unit, which will require us to complete the next section of our packet.

First, we will

  1. Complete our daily starters (or read in 1st period)
  2. ERWC – (Celebrities) using Google Classroom
    1. Quick-write on Google Classroom (This must be finished today)
    2. Celebrities Vocabulary (Should be finished today)
    3. Survey
    4. Discussion of the results (Using Google Classroom)
    5. Read the text” The Impact Celebrities Have on Our Lives” (using Google Classroom).  We will begin by looking at the author’s background.  We will then examine the overall text.  Finally, we will begin reading and marking up the text (if you need to review this video, you will need headphones).
    6. Complete any missing work from this week.

I’ve put together a fun activity for those classes that turn in all the work we did this week.  What’s due:  at least 3 daily starters, Frayer Models, Reading Logs, Celebrities Quick Write, Celebrities Vocabulary, Celebrities Survey, the behavior quiz.  If you need to finish any of these, you may do so today.  I’ve already begun entering grades, so get your work done!

Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday we will be doing MAPS testing.  Be ready!

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