010916 – Monday – Day 92

Abigail in rain

Welcome to week 20.  This is going to be a pretty strange week because we are going to be spending today, tomorrow and Wednesday on MAPS testing.  We will still complete our daily starters, and we will still have vocabulary.  But, I want you to focus on your MAPS test.  That is the most important thing to do this week.  Don’t forget that you can only get your free Carnival Wristband if you meet your goals.  I will pass out another sheet with your goals.  you should have already put those goals on page 30 of your agenda.  Also, we are competing with the entire school to do the best.  Let’s show everyone what we are capable of doing!!

If you finish MAPS testing early, then you may work on our classwork.  There is a vocabulary test that is due.  Make sure you find time this week to complete it.  It covers last week’s words.

Today, I need your reading logs and Frayer Models.  Turn those in at the beginning of class so that we can get them graded quickly.

  1. Daily Starters (go to Google Classroom)
  2. This Week’s Vocabulary, Frayer Models (remember, if you can’t print these, you should do them on paper).
  3. Week 19 Vocabulary Test | Honors Week 19 Vocab Test
  4. ERWC – (Celebrities) using Google Classroom
    1. Quick-write on Google Classroom (This must be finished today)
    2. Celebrities Vocabulary (Should be finished today)
    3. Survey
    4. Discussion of the results (Using Google Classroom)
    5. Read the text” The Impact Celebrities Have on Our Lives” (using Google Classroom).  We will begin by looking at the author’s background.  We will then examine the overall text.  Finally, we will begin reading and marking up the text (if you need to review this video, you will need headphones).
    6. Complete any missing work from last week.

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