011216 – Thursday – Day 95


Welcome to class.  Most of us are done with MAPS testing.  Some of you will be called out today and tomorrow to complete your testing.  That is OK.  Most of you worked really hard and I’m proud of you.  The rest will need to turn up the fire.  Bigger and even more important tests are coming.

Today, some periods will have a sub teacher.  You will each go to our daily slideshow in order to:

  1. Complete our daily starters
  2. Continue with our ERWC

You will need a handout of our article.  Period 1 already got a copy of this last week.  Get it out now.

You will need paper and a pencil or pen today.  Everything will be done by hand.  Make sure you do your best with the sub.  Any class that gets a grade of A++ from the sub will also get to participate in a fun activity tomorrow.

Remind the sub to pass out the Dr. Who permission slips to anyone who might want to hang out tomorrow after school.